The very large and important chemical industry is struggling to move towards sustainability, which in many cases especially means a shift to biomass based feedstock. For certain chemical products this shift is already possible, however at present there is no commercially available technology to produce biomass-based aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylenes, together also called BTX). Aromatics are indispensable building blocks for plastics such as PET and nylon, polyurethane, coatings and many more. Around 40% of the raw materials used in the chemicals industries are BTX. Yearly 80 million tons of aromatics are being produced. This volume is growing rapidly due to demand, especially in developing countries.

BioBTX B.V. was founded to develop efficient and effective technologies , for the production of biobased BTX (the molecules benzene, toluene and xylene, also called aromatics; high volume chemical building blocks normally made from petrochemicals) as well as bio-oil. In accomplishing this BioBTX will contribute considerably to making the chemical and plastics industry more sustainable.



By 2022 the alternative route for the production of drop-in biobased aromatics developed by BioBTX B.V., will be implemented at production in several large scale production facilities around the world, producing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of BTX resulting for instance in “fully green” PET bottles, nylon, as well as large amounts of bio-oil, thereby reducing the dependence of our society on fossil fuels.

BioBTX will have established itself as a leading technology company based on secret methods and technologies. On top of that BioBTX will own patented technology enabling the conversion of various biomass feedstock to BioBTX to increase substantially. Based on this, BioBTX will provide engineering services and technology licences to major chemical companies, feedstock owners and engineering companies specialized in building chemical plants. The BioBTX technologies will be recognized as essential in improving the effectiveness  and efficiency in the production of bioaromatics.

BioBTX technology makes it possible to prepare a wide range of polymers from renewable resources. We have developed a “time-machine” able to convert non-food biomass directly into petrochemical building blocks (BTX). High volume polymers derived from BTX include: PET, PBAT, other polyesters, aramid, PUR, ABS, epoxy resins, polycarbonate, and nylon.

The BioBTX technology uniquely provides:

  • 100% biobased polymers
  • Feedstock flexibility
  • Efficient conversion
  • Drop-in chemical building blocks

The BioBTX technology is designed with feedstock flexibility as a guiding principle. We are now able to process a wide variety of biomass feedstocks including: wood, crude glycerin, lignin, used coocking oil, jatropha oil, and cellulose towards BTX. Feedstock flexibility allows us to achieve the best environmental performance. BioBTX focuses on the utilization of rest-streams and our process does not compete with food.

Biomass Feedstock